Category: Egg

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Egg custards, dry mix
Egg custards, dry mix, prepared with 2% milk
Egg custards, dry mix, prepared with whole milk
Egg substitute, frozen
Egg substitute, liquid
Egg substitute, powder
Egg, Cheese and Bacon Griddle Cake Sandwich
Egg, Cheese and Sausage Griddle Cake Sandwich
Egg, duck, whole, fresh, raw
Egg, goose, whole, fresh, raw
Egg, quail, whole, fresh, raw
Egg, turkey, whole, fresh, raw
Egg, white, dried
Egg, white, dried, flakes, glucose reduced
Egg, white, dried, powder, glucose reduced
Egg, white, raw, fresh
Egg, white, raw, frozen
Egg, whole, cooked, fried
Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled
Egg, whole, cooked, omelet
Egg, whole, cooked, poached
Egg, whole, cooked, scrambled
Egg, whole, dried
Egg, whole, dried, stabilized, glucose reduced
Egg, whole, raw, fresh
Egg, whole, raw, frozen
Egg, yolk, dried
Egg, yolk, raw, fresh
Egg, yolk, raw, frozen
Egg, yolk, raw, frozen, salted
Egg, yolk, raw, frozen, sugared
Eggnog-flavor mix, powder, prepared with whole milk
Eggplant, cooked, boiled, drained, with salt
Eggplant, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt
Eggplant, pickled
Eggplant, raw
Eggs, scrambled, frozen mixture