First off, let me thank you for taking some time to look at Mealographer. A quick introduction: I am a grad student in Kent State University’s Information Architecture Knowledge Management program. I began the project that would evolve into Mealographer in fall, 2005. I was looking for a non-trivial project so I could put some of my IA and usability studies to use. I was able to get the basic functionality put together by the end of that semester but felt there was still more that could be done, inlcuding some formal usability testing. I’ll be posting more about my further work, future plans, and the test results as time goes on.

My goal with Mealographer is to make tracking your diet so easy, you’ll actually do it. I think that with enough information, you can take control of your diet. Since eating is a social activity, I will aim to give Mealographer a social networking aspect as well. I am also using a little AJAX, so Mealographer just might be a Web2.0 site, whatever that might mean.

This journal will document site features, new ideas, future plans, usability concepts and how they are applied, and even some techincal discussion about PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and the other tools I’m using.
Please use the site, and let me know what you think. Keep in mind that we currently have a staff of one, and the time I can devote to the site is limited, but I try to put in a little work each day.

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